Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


Multisound sampler and gesture generator




Clatter is the Max/MSP incarnation (substantially developed) of the sound toy Tiles. It is designed to translate physical into musical gesture through the triggering of a (theoretically unlimited) series of user-defined samples in quick succession and at random (within limits) transpositions. Users draw gestures onto a two-dimensional 'scrubscreen', each graphical tile of which triggers a new sample. More extravagant movements trigger a greater number of samples, in turn producing more elaborate gestures.

Clatter appears similar to brassage or granular synthesis insofar as it combines (usually) small fragments of sampled data to create larger gestural shapes or textures. Unlike these tools, however, which fragment material arbitrarily, each triggered sample in Clatter maintains its full morphology (as defined by the composer when the sample is edited) and existing gestural profile, which in turn, perceptually, lends greater gestural realism to the outcome.

The results from this tool are therefore entirely dependent on the sound samples loaded; very different results will arise from different sound-types and from different combinations of sounds. The best results from each sound-type will also require different physical gesture-types from the user, making Clatter very instrument-like in character: the user is required to be reactive to the sonic outcome, performing the sounds to achieve the best results.