Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


a proposed 400 channel work • 2020






Contraption column prototype


Work progresses on a prototype structure: there will eventually 64 speakers (eight 'modules' of eight speakers stacked vertically) on each column. For this prototype we've made an eight-sided structure and attached the speakers (repurposed, for now at least, from the Beyond installation). I've run out of speaker enclosures, so this column will be completed when we make some more...;

...which leaves a mere 256 further speaker enclosures to make in order to construct the remaining four columns (assuming we are that ambitious).


Contraption 'module' prototype


Early experiments towards this project have involved the development of a 'module' prototype: eight speakers distributed, facing outwards, around a small washing up bowl. This is approximately the intended diameter of the anticipated cylinders. Each module will be powered by an eight-channel amp and soundcard (similar technical solution to that of Cascade). The video shows a few rotary 'mechanical sounds' that might work with this setup. The milage for these kinds of periodic sounds seems to be quite large.