Peter Batchelor: composer, sound designer


for 40 channel geodesic sphere | 2014+





Beyond is multichannel installation produced in collaboration with visual artist Ian Bilson. Consisting of a spherical geodesic structure and containing 40 loud speakers, it builds on research conducted for Dome (2012) and its raison d'etre is similar: the speakers are conceived collectively as a single sound-producing unit, accommodating the detailed spatial construction of sonic images over the surfaces of the domes.

Beyond: Diagram

As with Dome, the structure of the installation is designed to be unenclosed and thus acoustically transparent, enabling a listener within to experience the soundscape beyond the playing loudspeakers (ideally a park or other outdoor public space) as an extension of that presented by the constructed speaker-space itself; indeed, sounds from loudspeakers may be indistinguishable from those coming from beyond. Thus, while the sphere provides a sense of enclosure and safety, it is paradoxically designed to encourage a much wider awareness of space (and place), affording the listener an experience akin to Mallarmé’s notion of ‘transparent prolongation’: a listening-through of the constructed land(sound)scape into the already-there.

Different sound environments presented within the sphere, and different contexts in which it is presented, invite different 'skins'/facades for the structure. The aim was to make the structure sculpturally appealing—eye-catching and compelling—to encourage members of the public to explore it.

Beyond has been presented in a variety of locations with its various 'skins'/facades. Links to images of the different versions follow:

   Beyond: White (2014)

   Beyond: Willow (2015)

   Beyond: Fire (2015)